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Merry Christmas!

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★★★★★ 4.9/5

LuckyTail - Innovative & safe dog nail grinding device

Enjoy hassle-free process with easy to use & pet friendly LuckyTail grinder. 

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Very Easy To Use

Built to protect the nerves in your dog’s nails from injury

Super friendly for your dog – quiet as a whisper and ultralight vibration

Unique and ergonomic product. Designed in the USA

Wireless and can be charged with a USB cable for your convenience

As Seen On

Designed for all dog breeds and sizes

For small-sized dogs & other pets

For medium-sized dogs & other pets

For fast grinding & large-sized dogs

Actually, LuckyTail is suitable for everyone:

Industry Leading Technologies

We take that extra step in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing our products to meet the highest expectations for quality, ergonomics, and functionality. 

We are dedicated to TOP quality

We are dedicated to TOP quality

LuckyTail's unique design and quiet as a whisper technology were created in California, USA. The product itself and the top quality grinding heads are manufactured in Asia. We assure you that only the best quality LuckyTail devices and grinding heads reach our customers, after our quality control department has inspected each and every product.

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LuckyTail - TOP Rated Dog Nail Grinder

Our innovative and premium quality dog nail grinder is constantly being chosen as the TOP rated device. Some of our ratings:

Gentle Dog Trainers

Loved By Pets, Endorsed By VETS

"LuckyTail - a premium product that meets my high expectations and fast-pace work environment needs"

Veterinarian at Regional Animal Hospital, NC

Our products are tested and used by various professionals including:
Veterinarians | Breeders | Qualified Dog Trainers | Dog Enthusiasts

TOP Offers

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$44.95 $97.80
1 LuckyTail™ Dog's Nail Grinder
when ordering extra heads
when ordering Extra Heads

          Priority processing ($2.95)

 30-day money-back guarantee


$84.95 $252.50
1 LuckyTail™ Dog's Nail Grinder

          2x Extra Heads ($49.95)

          1x Super SOFT Head ($24.95)

          1x Extra HARD Head ($24.95)

          Worldwide Delivery ($9.95)

          1 Year Warranty ($19.95)

          FREE Additional Head ($19.95)

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          Detailed Video Tutorial ($4.95)

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 30-day money-back guarantee

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$74.95 $197.60
1 LuckyTail™ Dog's Nail Grinder

          2x Extra Heads ($49.95)

          Worldwide Delivery ($9.95)

          1 Year Warranty ($19.95)

          Priority processing ($2.95)

          FREE Additional Head ($19.95)

 30-day money-back guarantee

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products are backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying LuckyTail, we will refund 100% of your money. Just email us at and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30 days. Nothing could be more fair than that. For more information read our Return Policy.

30-Day SatisfactionGuarantee

Our products are backed by a risk-free
 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason,we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Reviews From Pawed INSTAGRAM Stars

reviewed LuckyTail — ★5
Dec 9

Dino couldn’t be more grateful for this little beauty from @yourluckytail 🤩 This nail grinder is really next level! Not only is the grinder itself much less terrifying than 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐋𝐈𝐏𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐒 but it allows mom to do slight trims without fear!💅🏻 ⁣#aspenapproved.

reviewed LuckyTail — ★5
Oct 23

Thank You LuckyTail ✂️ for giving us this manicure set! It is quiet, strong and very maneuverable. 🐾🐺 If You want a change from using the manual toe nail clippers ✂️, this is just the one to choose!

reviewed LuckyTail — ★5
Jan 14

Thank you so much to LuckyTailfor their new pet Nail Grinder! Cruz was relaxed the whole time! If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to trim your pets nails go check out out friends over at LuckyTail!

Learn Why It's Loved by Thousands Of People All 
Around the World

★★★★★ 4.9/5
(9357 Reviews)

Overall Quality                                              5/5

Silent Performance                                      5/5

Ease Of Use                                                4.9/5

Pet Friendliness                                            5/5

Quality Of Material                                      5/5

Battery Life                                                 4.9/5

Value For Money                                       4.9/5

LuckyTail is designed and produced considering the needs of owners and their dogs. We are driven by the feedback from our clients and their four-legged friends.
★★★★★   Emma J.
 Verified buyer - 08/26/21
This worked for me so well, it's a great money investment. It's quiet and doesn't bother my dogs at all
★★★★   Richard L.
 Verified buyer - 08/15/21
My dogs were monsters when it came to nail trimming but after trying this grinder on them, it worked and they seemed to be so calm
★★★★★   Tom K.
 Verified buyer - 08/06/21
We love ours!
★★★★★   Melisa L.
 Verified buyer - 07/30/21
So easy to use, wish I ordered this sooner
★★★★★   Dave M.
 Verified buyer - 07/18/21
I really like this product cause it's a lot quieter than most nail grinders. I also like that it's chargeable and not battery powered.
★★★★★   Casey H.
 Verified buyer - 07/02/21
Received mine today. Very cool. Better than the other I had.
★★★★★   Amelia V.
 Verified buyer - 06/30/21
Grinder is powerful itself, works well on my dog's thick nails
★★★★★   Julian D.
 Verified buyer - 06/22/21
I sooo totally love this product. I can do my dogs nails and have saved so much money. Was THE best investment I have made.
★★★★★   Eva T.
 Verified buyer - 06/15/21
It is easy to use, has two speeds and a protective cap on it so that you don't file the nails too much.
★★★★★   Adam J.
 Verified buyer - 06/05/21
It arrived and I've used it on all three dogs nails with super super success. The noise of the grinder is so very very low not like the dremel grinder. I would recommend this nail grinder.
★★★★   Clara S.
 Verified buyer - 05/24/21
It runs a long time on just one charge and recharges quickly.
★★★★★   Richard L.
 Verified buyer - 05/21/21
It was better than expected to be honest! Its super quiet and didn't seem to bother my puppy.
★★★★★   Justin C.
 Verified buyer - 05/18/21
Love love this grinder. I am so glad I got it. I am now able to grind my dogs nails on my own without issues and he actually gets excited when he sees me take it out of the box
★★★★★   Kevin M.
 Verified buyer - 05/11/21
I thought my dog wouldn't stand still for this but she did. Super easy to easy painless for her, no noise, grinded very well.
★★★★★   Kyle L.
 Verified buyer - 05/08/21
I'm a groomer and I bought this device to try on my dogs, this actually worked, satisfied so far.
★★★★★   Mike W.
 Verified buyer - 05/01/21
I have bought one works brilliantly. No struggle to do all 4 feet on my own. I do a bit more couple of times a week to allow time for the quick to retract.
★★★★★   Natalie R.
 Verified buyer - 04/30/21
I’m in Australia and bought one. Shipping was really fast and not too expensive. I LOVE this product. It’s life changing for my fearful boy
★★★★★   Ana G.
 Verified buyer - 04/22/21
This grinder was quick and easy to use on my 3-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer. While she's still fairly young and new to/scared of most things, she didn't seem to be bothered at all during the filing.

Your last chance - 59%OFF

Your last chance - 59%OFF

Most Popular LuckyTail Bundle

$74.95 $197.60

Bundle includes:

+2 Extra Grinding Heads 

Value: $49.95

Free Worldwide Shipping

Value: $9.95

1 Year Warranty Extension

Value: $19.95


Free additional grinding head and priority processing
Value: $19.95


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