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Save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding frequent visits to the vet with the cost-effective, long-lasting CatSizor.

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Our innovative grinding technology allows you to be in full control and master the nail trimming easily in the comfort of your home.

Forget about the fear of accidental harm and the risk of over-cutting! CatSizor ensures extremely precise and safe nail grooming.


The grinder’s 30/50 dB ultra-quiet noise and vibration-free operation will make sure to keep calm even the most timid and anxious cats.

CatSizor will not harm your cat
Created by cat lovers and approved by vets
Steps for Grinding Nails
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Take care of your cats paws with one time investment only for $39.95

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Story behind the product

Meet Max!

The kitty of inspiration behind the CatSizor nail grinder, made to fully eliminate any nail grooming stress and mess.

Nail cutting had always been a really frustrating and stressful procedure for Max and us... When we began searching for a solution and alternatives to regular nail clippers without the risk of overcutting, we couldn't come across such device.

Our love for Max and every cat out there inspired us to develop a fresh product that gets the job done quickly and safely. We are very glad to be able to share CatSizor with other cat owners and ease this process by a whole LOT!

Cat owners who tried CatSizor
October 2
We’re not fond of nail trim time and Meowmy worries about possible nail splits. The Catsizor nail grinder is a nice alternative and makes our claws smooth and rounded. If nail clipper are too scary, give Catsizor nail grinder a try! 🐾😺😺
October 14
We love the @catsizor nail grinder! We are brave and aren't scared of loud noises, but this grinder is super quiet. It makes it very easy for our Mom to keep our nails nice and short and out of her furniture! 😹 We give this nail grinder 8 paws up!
September 30
I'm ready for my pawdicure! Now Mom doesn't have to worry about accidentally hurting us with the clippers if we flinch. She also never seems to get a clean cut with the clippers hmmph 😼 and this gadget solves that problem!
October 5
When you have as many toes as I do, Meowmy needs all the help she can get with trimming my nails. 😹 This nail grinder from @CatSizor makes the job much easier! It's lightweight, painless and so quiet. Even a scaredy cat like myself stays calm when using this nail trimmer. I rate it 4 thumbs up 👍👍👍👍 😹
October 18
The process to get your kitty accustomed to the grinder is simple. If you're looking for a simple way to trim your pet's nails, this is it! It's easy to charge, well illuminated, quieter than other grinders, and made for large and small pets. It also feels nice in your hand as you're using it.
October 5
I'm not a fan of having my nails cut, but now we've tried #catsizor from @catsizor. Meowmy knows I can be a bit finicky so she did it a bit each day for a week to introduce me, and I'm getting used to it more and more daily. Kisses from meowmy help! My brofur, Oreo however took to it immediately. Meowmy loves how it doesn't leave our nails jagged, or rough. If you want to give it a try, we recommend it!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats' nails need to be shortened?

First of all, overgrown nails cause increased force onto the cats' nail bed. As a result of that, the cat feels pain and pressure on the toe joint. It feels the same as wearing too-tight shoes.

How frequently should the nails be grinded?

If your cats' nails are clickety-clacking on your wooden floors, it's the first sign that they could be too long. It might take months of trimming once a week to allow the nail to healthily regress into the quick. After the nails regress, trimming them once or twice a month is a recommended frequency to maintain nails at a healthy length.

What are the potential hazards of overgrown nails?

If a cat's claws are too long, walking or running could become difficult and painful. Additionally, when the nails aren't taken care of, they can get torn or split, which is very painful for the pet, and in some cases may need to be treated by the vet.

What are the long-term consequences of nail mistreatment?

In the long term, claws may realign the joints of the foreleg, and the foot may look flattened and impaired. The nails can even curve and grow into the pad of the foot, which causes unpleasant nail-cutting and treatment sessions for cats and their owners.

How long grinder heads last?

Grinder heads are designed to last at least a few months, however it depends on how often you will be using the device. We suggest purchasing additional grinding heads with your CatSizor cat nail grinder which you can use to replace your old, worn out one. If you already own a CatSizor, you can buy additional grinding heads here.

Is it easy to return?

Yes, it's very easy to return. If you are unsatisfied with the product for whatever reason, just contact us at and we will provide you with easy return instructions.

How long does it take to deliver my CatSizor?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse, which is in Dallas, USA. Delivery time depends on your location (State/Country). Average delivery time in USA is 4-6 days. Deliver to Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa or South America it takes about 8-12 days. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, please be aware that delivery time might be longer than expected. We do understand your concern and we appreciate your patience - we are doing all we can to ensure safe and reliable shipments to our customers.
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Receive all the benefits

Take care of your cats paws with one time investment only for $39.95
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